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Welcome to The Caboto Trail !

The Caboto Trail is 298 kilometers (185 miles) of the most beautiful and amazing scenic landscape in the world.

Cape Breton Highlands National Park

Located in the province of Nova Scotia, Canada, on the isle of Cape Breton, the route circles the northern tip of Cape Breton Island with twisty and turning roads that travel along both the east and west shores and through Cape Breton Highlands National Park. You can see our map for a detailed look at the Caboto Trail.

The Caboto Trail travels through many charming communities that offer warm hospitality and enrich the area with history and tourism. See our Activities section for a list of things you can do that will make your visit a time to remember.

Many travellers of the Caboto trail often come back time and time again and declare it a must experience for everyone.

Please see our Accommodations section for a list of hotels and places you can stay while visiting. We're sure you'll make it a repeat vacation once you experience the beauty and our hospitality.

The Italian explorer Giovanni Caboto.

The trail is a world-wide destination for many travellers who want to personally witness the birth place of North America from the famous explorer Giovanni Caboto; also known as John Cabot.

The Caboto Trail is a tribute to the man who set sail from England in hopes to find a faster route to Asia but instead found a new land and discovered the beautiful and unchartered wilderness of Canada.

You can read more about Giovanni Caboto in our Caboto Trail History section or see our Media section for many videos relating to Giovanni Caboto and his discovery of North America.

Ski the Caboto Trail !

So much to see and do, the Caboto Trail is not just for a single season!

The autumn is a favorite time of year as the trail bursts with colours of red, golds and greens. It's really something to behold as you travel the path and witness the beauty that is mother nature.

With the winter season, there is plenty skiiing to be done with trails and slopes offering fun and excitement, or perhaps some sleding is what you're after?

What ever season who decide to come visit, you'll be glad you came. See our Activities section for enjoyment all year long.

When ever you come visit for what ever reason, we would love to hear about it ! Everyone has a special moment and memory of the Caboto Trail that they hold onto dearly. Why not tell us about it !

Please email us your story and we'll put it on our site for all to read and enjoy.

Experience the Beauty

Whether you came for the hiking, the beaches, whale watching or just to experience the beauty that is the Caboto Trail, you're not alone!

It's truely something that everyone should experience and treasure forever !

See you on the trail !